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Search engine marketing will boost your website’s visibility with Google & other search engines to drive relevant traffic straight to you.
Our services focus on both sponsored (paid) and organic (free) listings, often combining both for maximum impact. Paid listings for example, give you the opportunity to test certain terms before focusing on organic listings which have a longer lead time to achieve.
In regard to search engine optimization, our approach is open, straight forward and focused on the ethical development of your online marketing strategy. We primarily focus on these 5 key areas;

  Highly targeted campaigns
  Managed bidding
  Negative key word strategies
  Display opportunities.


Twitter Advertising

Twitter has grown into one of the biggest social media sites around. With over 250 million active users a month and a large base of 18-29 year olds, there is huge opportunity for higher education institutions to engage with potential students. Not only is engaging with these individuals a good thing for your brand reputation and for attracting new applicants, but also knowing what current students are saying about your institution helps you understand what your best offerings are and what could be improved upon.

Our marketing strategies for Twitter focus on three key areas: promoted followers, promoted tweets, and promoted trends.

  Promoted followers build brand loyalty and add more followers. A promoted entry attached to your Twitter account will appear at the top of the “Who to follow” box on people’s Twitter feeds. You can target who sees these promoted entries based on the individual’s interests, location, gender, similarities with current followers, and device type.

  Promoted tweets expand audience reach and drive engagement. Promoted tweets also appear on targeted twitter feeds, allowing your tweet to reach people that wouldn’t have necessarily seen it. They can be targeted toward specific people based on their location, interests etc., or at specific times. They are displayed at the top of the timeline and in search results ensuring more people see your tweet.

  Promoted trends are one of the most popular features of Twitter and have a wide variety of uses. They appear at the top the Trending Topics list and can be used to make an announcement, start a conversation or kick off an event such as #Change. Users can click on a promoted trend to see all search results for that topic.


Facebook Advertising

As the largest social media site in the world, Facebook offers plenty of opportunities for client marketing. The sites key demographic is made up of 18-29 year olds however, the number of older adults using the platform is rising. Therefore there is huge opportunity for companies both small and large scale to reach a variety of different users for both former and informer sector.

Facebook advertising can reach a variety of people and over the last few years the targeting criteria has become more defined allowing your ads to reach the most relevant audience. Ads can be targeted by location (both internationally and regionally), interests, age, gender, education level, fields of study, employer, job title, industry, connections and more.

Facebook ads generally work better when they appear in the News Feed, as they have a greater chance of being seen, but they can also be placed in the side bar on desktops. Newer to Facebook are video ads. With the growing demand for video content, these are a valuable addition to Facebook advertising.

Advertising on Facebook is also relatively affordable. Advertisers can purchase ad space on a PPC click-based structure or a CPM impression based structure. You can then tailor your ad campaign based on preferences and budget requirements.

With the specific targeting requirements and a massive user base, Facebook advertising is definitely a worthwhile investment. At NetHub Nigeria, we can help you structure your Facebook ad campaign in the best possible way to maximize engagement with your target audience. We can also monitor your campaign to determine how well it is performing.


Media Buying

NetHub Nigeria uses an unbiased media and internet planning & buying model where only the sites which bring the highest return on investment are and profit maximization are selected. Our display ad campaigns have given our clients much success in increasing traffic and conversions. We will identify the right media platforms to connect you with your existing or potential clients.

We offer media buying services across a whole spectrum of media platforms, such as radio, outdoor, TV or online channels. We will negotiate the most effective deals possible, to maximize your return on investment.

There are broad ranges of online channels where we can buy advertising that will reach the right client audience, such as Yahoo, Microsoft, online news publications, cable business TV. If you would like to invest in offline advertising we can help with that too.


Content Marketing

The purpose of content marketing is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and distributing valuable and relevant content. It can help to drive traffic to your website search results get people interested in your services and can also improve your rankings in Google.

It is important for a website to have visibility within a search engine. People trust their search results and are looking to be influenced and guided in their decision making process.

Content can be easily seeded through social media sites to reach more people, and generate engagement which will lead to more visits to your site. Before creating content it is important to devise a content marketing strategy. Understand what your audience would be interested in, set well defined targets, formulate a clear distribution plan, optimize content formats and measure the results.

At NetHub Nigeria, we have expert knowledge of creating valuable and engaging content for our clients. There are a number of content formats that can be created to attract and engage your audience. It is important to choose which formats will work best and will resonate with your target audience.

  Blogs and Articles - These are the most popular formats of content marketing. Creating short engaging articles and blog posts can generate interest in your institution and lead to people sharing them through social media sites, which in turn create more brand awareness. Companies that blog get 55% more traffic than those that don’t.

  Infographics - Visual imagery can be attention grabbing. Infographics present information about a select subject, often using statistics in a visual engaging way through graphics, imagery and colors. You could present information about your institution or on a topic of interest to your key audience demographic.

  Video - Over 70% of users watch videos online. Videos present information in an easy to understand format and capture the viewer’s attention for longer than other pieces on content may be able to. People also retain more information from videos and so are more likely to make an action on your site.

We can design and create a video about your services or products to be placed on to your site.


Email Marketing

Email marketing has been regarded as the fastest and cheapest marketing of all time, with hung ROI.

We at NetHub Nigeria, has close to two million (2million) emails in our database.

Reach new contacts, inspire existing ones

Don’t overlook the value of existing customers, contacts and prospects in your contact database. When done properly, email marketing builds positive relationships with your contacts, reminds them of your products/services and generates profitable business.

By continually reaching out to contacts in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, you’ll grow your brand value, inspire sales and drive influencers to generate referrals.

Keeping your contacts up-to-date with all your latest news, offers and product promotions helps move customers through your buying cycle and:

  • Reduces the time to their first or next purchase
  • Increases transaction values

The world is evolving all the time so we implement a combination of web content updates, email templates and social media posts to significantly increase consumer awareness and desire.

Whether you have a large database or you’re just starting out, our Contact Marketing plans will make sure that each email you send will generate additional demand for your products and services.


YouTube Advertising

More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month watching over 6 billion hours of video. Reaching over 61 different countries, YouTube advertising is effective for not only domestic solutions, but also international marketing campaigns.

YouTube advertising is an effective way of delivering quality video content to the right audience demographic. Its targeting features allow advertisers to target by geography, video topic, keywords and demographic criteria such as age and gender. These criteria may not be as advanced as other platforms such as Facebook however, video ads can capture the viewer’s attention for longer than other pieces of content can. Users are also receptive to videos and retain more information from them.

YouTube’s video ads come in three formats – in-search, in-stream and in-display. In-search ads appear at the top of search results, in-stream ads appear before featured videos and in-display appear next to video content.


Website Design & Development

Great web design is centered on business goals and we focus on what your website needs to achieve before we begin. In today's multi-screen world we also ensure your new website is responsive and tailors the user experience based on the device used.

  Responsive designs, optimized for mobile devices where required - More than 50% of web visits are now via tablet & mobile devices .
  Search engine optimization - getting you found by Google - Via social linking, tagging, keywords, content, video & images.
  Content management systems enabling you to update content - Making it easier for you to keep updated.
  Professional web copy writing service - To help further inspire, engage and compel your target audience.
  Automated Promotional Tools - Display coupons on different days or times of day or based on behavior.
  Google Analytics to understand your traffic levels - Providing valuable insights into your visitor behavior.


Web Analytics

Make informed decisions to progress

We use insight and analysis on a daily basis to make decisions to improve results.
  • Do you know how your competitors are driving traffic to their site?
  • Do you know what sources of web traffic generate business for you?

If not, you need to bring web insights into your business quickly.

Every day, Nethub Nigeria will track where your website traffic comes from (eg. search engines, sponsored or organic, referrals, direct searches, social media or email). We analyze the content visitors look at and ultimately, what leads to business.

Failing to analyze these insights into your web traffic could be costing you money each day. Nethub Nigeria web analytics services help you to identify the cost of achieving specific goals, (eg. direct sales, brochure requests, map views, coupon downloads or completed enquiry forms and so on).

We absolutely love checking these stats and reporting back to you with a pathway to success. Discover the power of web analytics and gain real insights into your traffic by getting in touch.


Marketing Strategy Analysis

We can devise and implement the best business marketing strategy for your organization. Whatever your digital communication requirements, whether small or big, we can help you create the most effective strategy to meet your campaign goals.

We have experience of running many online campaigns for our clients, so we know what works well depending on your campaign objectives and target audience. We invest our clients' budgets in the most effective media channels to ensure you receive the maximum return on investment.Focused


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